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Your Luxury Travel Guide to London

Updated: Jan 15

London is one of the most glamorous destinations in the world; it’s the go-to city for a luxury holiday, which many people dream of visiting. It’s a multicultural and an open-minded city, with rich history and innovation, perfect for the ultimate luxury experience.

Aside from the endless tourist attractions, this city is also known for being the capital of high-end shopping, a center of innovative architecture, an electric nightlife, and an excellent gastronomic scene, all with a touch of sophistication. Put all together, this creates a lively and vibrant atmosphere solely found in London.

If you want to experience ultimate luxury in this city, read on and see what’s not to miss in the capital of England.


Generally, London can be visited at any time of the year. But the best time to go this city depends on what you want to do while you’re there. If you want to spend time in different parks, the best time to visit is during spring, when the parks are green and blooming. At this time of year, temperatures are mild and you’re more likely to run into smaller crowds compared to other times of the year.

Late spring to summer is also a great time to visit, but it’s also a prime tourist season. The weather is warm, with an average of 18 degrees Celsius, and sometimes goes above 30 degrees Celsius. It’s the perfect weather if you want to attend music festivals or go to outdoor cinemas, or simply enjoy London’s gardens and rooftop bars. Two of the notable events that happen during this season is the famous Trooping the Color, which is the Queen’s birthday parade; and the Notting Hill Carnival, which is one of Europe’s largest street festivals.

If you’re looking for a more cultural experience, then visiting London between September to November might be the best time for you. Some of the events that happen during this season are deeply rooted in England’s history and culture. You’ve got the London Fashion Week and the Totally Thames Festival in September, Halloween celebrations and the prestigious BFI London Film Festival in October, and the Guy Fawkes Night on November.

Spending the holidays in London on December is also very popular, but you can expect the streets to be crowded with both international and local tourists. One thing to keep in mind is that no matter when you’re traveling to this city, you should always remember to bring an umbrella because of its frequent rain showers all year-round.


The ultimate way to start your luxury holiday in London is by flying in with the comforts of a private jet. Imagine having your own lounge in the skies while sipping on your favorite champagne; nothing can be more luxurious than that. And if you’re flying on a private jet for the first time, check out these tips to help you get started.

Upon arrival to London, you’ll find that there are many different modes of transportation to go around the city - their iconic double-decker buses, the London Underground, also known as “The Tube,” river bus services, local trains, taxis, the Emirates Air Line Cable Car, and even bicycles. But, the best way to get around is with a stretch limo.

Just like New York, London has a lot of head-turner stretch limousines on the road. And since you’re here for a luxury holiday, the best way is to arrive to your destinations in style with a chauffeur-driven limo. This will definitely allow you to have the luxury state of mind, and be relaxed while traveling around.


When it comes to luxury hotels in London, you will never run out of options. If you’re looking for a complete classic, head over to The Savoy, and you’re definitely in for a luxurious stay with the standards that it has set for luxury, comfort, and service since it was built. St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is also another great option with its beautiful interior and exterior designs, as well as its five-star amenities, spacious rooms, and excellent service. You’ve also got the Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square if you’re mixing business with pleasure during your luxury stay in the city.

There are also several options if you want to stay in a luxury boutique hotel instead. Covent Garden Hotel, located in the heart of the theatre district, is one of the most luxurious ones. It’s surrounded by some of the city’s best restaurants, bars, and cafes, and is perfect for a vibrant nightlife during your stay. Soho Hotel is also another great option if you want to stay in London’s entertainment neighborhood. If you want a different experience however, you can also stay at The Hoxton Hotel, which is not your typical boutique hotel, but completely has a homey vibe with its open fireplace and brick walls. You can also stay at La Suite West for a minimalist vibe that will surely give you peace and serenity.


Heron Tower Restaurant. Credit: SUSHISAMBA

You can’t have a luxury holiday in London without experiencing its gastronomic scene. This city is one of the most influential restaurant capitals in the world, and is home to the classic and game-changing chefs who are redefining food. London is no longer only known for its fish-and-chips, but for restaurants with a unique take on international cuisine as well.

Take SUSHISAMBA for example; it’s known for its unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine, that will satisfy your every possible craving. Aside from its mouthwatering dishes, you’ve also got a great view and a great cocktail menu to end your meal with.

If you want some Italian food, head over to Scalini, located in the heart of Chelsea since 1988. It’s one of the oldest traditional Italian restaurants in London, yet has kept its standards of serving fine Tuscan cuisine to its guests. Shaka Zulu is another must-try if you want to have a taste of South Africa’s different flavors. Their menu even showcases dishes with Kudu, Ostrich, Springbok, or Zebra meat from Namibia as the key ingredient.

Of course there are a lot more restaurants to try in London, but these are our top 3 choices for you, if you want to have a truly rich gastronomic and cultural experience in this luxurious city.


You will never run out of things to do in London; It’s home to some of the world’s best art and entertainment, among many other activities, that it’s impossible to be bored when you visit this city. For a more luxurious experience however, we’ve listed down some of the things you shouldn’t miss.

If you’re a sunset lover, climb up The O2 where you can watch the sun set and get a mesmerizing view of the city. You can also go to Tower 42, have some afternoon tea, and get an amazing view of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower Bridge, and the rest of the city as the sun sets. If you want to watch the sunset from the ground however, you can also head over to Primrose Hill or Hyde Park for some gorgeous views.

Aerial View of Hyde Park. Credit: Precis Properties Ltd

Aside from watching sunsets, there are also a lot of other activities that you can do around the parks of London. Take a stroll and you might even see Kate Middleton, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, jogging around. If you’re coming over during summer, you can also learn to trapeze in some of the parks. And if you’re coming in spring time, the best parks where you can see flowers everywhere would be in Regent’s Park or in St James’ Park.

If you want to see all kinds of beautiful flowers and even buy some, make sure you don’t miss the Columbia Road Flower Market. This street also has a lot of cute cafes and other shops that you can explore while you’re there. For a different kind of nature experience however, head over to Sky Garden, which is London’s highest public garden. There you can enjoy a cocktail while wandering around the landscaped gardens and indulging on a breathtaking 360-view of the city from a different angle.

The Shard is one of the city’s newest attractions, which will also give you an exquisite 360-view of London. It’s a 95-story skyscraper that can be seen from everywhere, and it’s also home to a lot of high-end restaurants and hotel rooms in the city. However, if you really want to see the whole city, then we recommend that you take a helicopter tour and cross off major attractions like the Buckingham Palace from your list of places too see.

Aside from all the sightseeing, there are also a lot of other experiences in London, perfect for the entertainment lover. You can opt to have a different sightseeing experience and ride a speedboat around the Thames, with a James Bond background music. You can also head over to the West End region of the city, where most of the world-famous theaters are located, and watch a show.

Of course your luxury holiday in London will not be complete without visiting a gallery. For art lovers out there, we recommend visiting the White Cube Bermondsey, a private gallery that hosts cutting-edge exhibitions. Once you go inside, you’ll find a minimalist aesthetic that serves to highlight the masterpieces exhibited even more.


London is known for having a vibrant nightlife that doesn’t disappoint. It’s filled with a lot of pubs, bars, and clubs, perfect for your every mood. Even high profile celebrities can be spotted enjoying their nights in different venues around the city; And so for your luxury holiday, it’s just right that you party like one.

Credit: Mahiki

If you want to have some real fun, head over to Mahiki, a club that has an open and a friendly space with tiki decorations all around. You can indulge on their selection of grilled food and tropical cocktails, while enjoying their lively music. Who knows, maybe you’ll even spot Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, or Rihanna around.

For a different kind of entertainment, Cirque Le Soir is the place to be. Party with fire-eaters and burlesque dancers, while sipping through their wide range of cocktails and canapes. If you’re lucky, you might even get to party with personalities like Cara Delevigne and Leonardo DiCaprio. Another hot nightclub with a burlesque-type of entertainment is The Box Soho, which attracts celebrities like Emma Watson and Harry Styles. Their shows start at 1 AM and lasts until 3 AM; You’re definitely guaranteed for a nightclub experience unlike any other.

But, if you're looking for a full-on immersive experience, Tonteria has the perfect night laid out just for you. As London is a city of many cultures, in this club, you can also enjoy the night, Mexican style. They have an impressive selection of Mexican cocktails, as well as sumptuous tapas. They also have one of London's most extensive and rare tequila selections, and even have a train in the club ceiling called 'TonteExpress,' which delivers your shots to your tables.

Tonteria has been striving in the London nightlife since 2012 and will be celebrating 8 years this October. And while we all wait for one of the biggest celebrations that's in store for us this year, you can still have that experience of a lifetime in one of their events during the week. They've got the Muertos Monday, where you can expect a hybrid of hip-hop and Day of the Dead; ACAN evenings on Thursdays, where you can get good beats and good vibes in a Tulum jungle-themed party; and they've also got Do Not Disturb on Fridays, where you'll be in for a cheeky and naughty kind of night. With all these weekly events, you can say that entertainment is definitely the core of Tonteria. It has a feel-good atmosphere where you can party the night away with A-listers like Jessie J and Pippa Middleton, or even some of the US basketball teams.

Credit: Tonteria


Your luxury holiday in London cannot be complete without having the ultimate shopping experience. This city has numerous streets that have countless luxury brands to die for. Harrods would be the obvious choice and is an experience in itself, as it is known to be London’s most famous luxury department store. You can find brands like Alexander McQueen, Burberry, CHANEL, Givenchy, and more. Oxford Street is another option as it has everything you need. However, to enjoy your shopping experience, you’ll need to go there very early to avoid the flocks of tourists. Here you can find brands like Selfridges & Co, Pandora, Dorothy Perkins, and Mango.

Oxford Circus at night. Credit: Central London Apartments

There’s definitely no other destination that could be more glamorous than London. It’s the perfect place to experience the finer things in life and live a luxurious lifestyle. To top it up a notch, book your luxury experiences with BeSeated and make the most out of your trip to this beautiful city.