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10 reasons why you should go yachting in Dubai

Updated: Apr 25

Dubai is a city where you can have the best of both the desert and sea at the same time. It stands on the coastline of the Gulf and on the center of the Arabian Desert. While the city offers magnificent views of these natural sites, it boasts a lot on skyscrapers, such as the world’s tallest building, and also on significant creations, such as the largest human-made islands.

The list of things to do in Dubai is endless. You’ll find that there is always something for someone. You can either stay in the city and immerse yourself in its culture, try out the adventurous activities, have a luxurious desert safari experience, or even rent luxury boats "yachting", which is everyone's' favorite.

Your perspective of the city will change once you see it from the sea. It becomes even more glamorous and spectacular as the sun shines in Dubai, allowing its skyscrapers to sparkle. At night, the skyline is also lit up with colorful lights all across the city; the view is definitely something you’ll never forget. The view is not the only reason why you should go yachting in Dubai. Here are 10 reasons why you should experience it:


Just like the skyline, when you go yachting in Dubai, you get a unique perspective of the city’s top landmarks like the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, the Dubai Eye, Burj Al Arab, and the Burj Khalifa among many others. You can even check out the World Islands, which is the world’s largest artificial archipelago, and visit beaches like the Jumeirah Beach and the Al Sufouh Beach, where you can enjoy the warm waters of the Gulf. And if you’re looking to complete your experience and visit downtown, you can also pass by the Dubai Canal, the Dubai Creek, and even the Gold Souq.


Chartering a luxury yacht usually gives you the option of dining on board. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can have fresh meals prepared on board by some of the world’s best chefs. You can even have a live barbecue on board, or request for vegetarian meals if that’s what you prefer. Or, you can also choose to bring your own food and cook them in the yacht’s modern kitchen.

But what makes dining in the seas of the Gulf different is the ultra-lavish Arabian meals. Luxury yachts normally give you a wide variety of dishes, where you can sense the fresh aroma of Arabian food.


We all know that Dubai is known for its luxuries; this includes its 5-star hospitality. There’s no doubt that when you go yachting in this city, you’re sure to receive the best service. Luxury yachts offer top-notch facilities for its customers, whether you’re already on board or just about to be. Upon boarding your yacht, you may be welcomed with a red carpet and complimentary drinks; And while onboard, you can enjoy high-quality amenities and personal service from the crew. You can even request for professional photographers to capture special moments for you to cherish forever. Complete your luxury experience and arrive at your yacht in style with a chauffeur-driven luxury car.


Being on a yacht means you can enjoy the utmost privacy while indulging in breathtaking views from the sea. It’s a great way for you to spend some quality time with your loved ones on a weekend getaway with a private ambiance. You can relax in luxury aboard a private yacht, on the spacious upper deck, or in the comfortable indoor salons. Set your mind free and soak up on this soothing escapade as you get a greater sense of freedom away from the land, and experience the ecstasy of life. What makes yachting unique in Dubai is the panoramic views of the city’s skyscrapers. While onboard, you get the sense that away from its busy streets, it’s just finally you and the sea.


Yachting is a great way to just be with your loved one. You can do something really special and plan a beautiful surprise for your partner, like cruising during the sunset for a magical experience that’ll give you a different state of mind. This may even be the perfect proposal or anniversary gift that you can give. You can enjoy a candle-light dinner in the middle of the sea while having the illuminated skyline of Dubai as your background. You can even arrange the perfect music with the yacht’s operator to get that romantic vibe, as you indulge in your sumptuous meals, paired with the perfect wine. Let your crew take care of everything as you enjoy your time with your loved one in between the stars and the sea.


Luxury yachting isn’t only for having some privacy, but for hosting celebrations as well. Whether you’re a small group or you’re with hundreds of people looking for some fun and adventure, hosting your party in a yacht will surely make your fantasies come true. In fact, it’s the best way to discover Dubai from the sea, as well as experience the lifestyle that the city is known for.

It’s easy to organize the party of your dreams; Whether you want a simple get-together, a birthday party, a wedding celebration, or even a corporate event, you can be sure that no matter what type of celebration it is, it’s bound to be memorable. Your yacht crew will help you take care of everything, from catering, decorations, and even lights and a private DJ, all to ensure that you have the best time.


It’s not only during yacht parties when the crew takes care of their guests but during any yachting trip. Unless you specify that you want to sail on your own, you will always be provided with a skipper to be with you onboard and take care of the navigation, and a crew as well to assist you with everything else you need. All you need to do is to arrive at your yacht before the arranged departure time, meet with your crew, set sail, and experience the thrill of being in the open waters. There’s no need to fear the water as well as all crew members are trained to deal with any kind of emergency situation. They’re there for you every step of the way, ensuring that you receive the standards of their culture’s great hospitality and service, so you can enjoy your yacht trip in Dubai.


The great thing about yachting is that you can do so many activities in the open sea that will surely bring a smile to your face. You can engage in exciting water sports like paddleboarding, sea bobbing, and jet skiing while enjoying the fresh ocean breeze.

Aside from these thrilling water sports, you can also rent some modern equipment and go fishing. One of the things about Dubai is that before the discovery of oil, pearl diving and fishing were two of the major economic activities in the city. Some of the fish that you can catch in Dubai are emperors, catfishes, small barracudas, and even small sharks.


Aside from all these activities, one of the best things about yachting in Dubai is that if you rent the luxury yacht for a few days, you also get to explore its neighboring cities. You get to embark on an unforgettable voyage and enjoy the open waters of the sea, as well as stunning cityscapes surrounding you. Your entire expedition is entirely up to you; You can depart from the Dubai Marina and sail along the coast of the Gulf, as the yacht takes you to all the areas in the region. You can pass by countries like Oman or Qatar, or even explore places in the other Emirates, like the beautiful Sir Bani Yas Island.


Yachting has got to be the most beautiful sport ever. It’s an experience where you get to be one with the deep blue sea and feel a soothing ambiance. It doesn’t just offer you amazing views and good times, but it also does wonders for your mental health. When you’re aboard a yacht in Dubai, you cruise its stunning waters and you’re left mesmerized with its scenic coastline. But what’s even more exhilarating is when you experience what the wonders and the beauty of nature does to your soul; Not only are you surrounded by life, but it feels like new life is born within you, giving you positive energy to take on whatever challenges you’re facing. So if you’re in Dubai, or traveling to this rich city, never miss the opportunity to experience its tranquil waters and create enriching memories under the skies.

The City of Gold has so much to offer, especially for people who love the sea. In a city that has an endless imagination for entertainment, yachting is surely a journey of a lifetime you shouldn’t miss. It’s time to release your innermost desires; because there’s nothing more powerful than when the ocean calls you to experience life from a luxury yacht.

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