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Where to dine and dance in Montreal

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Montreal is the second most francophone city in the world after Paris. It is even sometimes called The Paris of North America. The city is a mixture of culture and infused-language, hosting a wide variety of top destinations that would satisfy your every need; whether what you are looking for is a refreshing afternoon bite or drink, or a high-energy dance party.

BeSeated has selected a well-refined list of the best venues in Montreal for you; including bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. They all share an elegant atmosphere, modern designs and exceptionally friendly service for your unforgettable experience.


Montreal is a city where bars of every type are there for you to choose from. At BeSeated, we feature the most elite and exclusive list of bars where you can unwind after a long day and have that perfectly relaxing drink.

Our refined list includes Apt. 200, well-known for its hip vintage decor; Don B Comber, where you are greeted by a unique atmosphere of the tropics as soon as you arrive; and Cabaret Vol de Nuit, perfect for an ultimately fashionable and elegant night out for those days where you need to pamper yourself with more than just a drink.


If you’re looking for a restaurant where you can have a gourmet bite with friends or family, or celebrate a special occasion, all you have to do is BeSeated and book your table.

Da Vinci Ristorante is an over 40 year-old premium dining attraction that is a well-known destination in Montreal. Bis Montreal is another high-class restaurant that is famous for its elegant atmosphere and refined Italian cuisine. And if you’re looking for a change in the city that has it all, book your table at Jatoba where you can enjoy an Asian-Inspired menu.


If you’re looking forward to dancing to the cities’ best beats, then you are definitely in the right place. BeSeated features almost 10 nightclubs that are the best of Montreal’s.

New City Gas should be your next destination on the list if you are an electronic dance music lover. Many world-top EDM DJs have played in this club like Tiesto, David Guetta and the very famous Swedish House Mafia. Flyjin, an underground club in Old Montreal, is also another place where you can enjoy popular DJs’ beats at night or an earlier lavish dinner. There is also the Peopl Club, which is well-known for hosting some of the wildest nights in the city. In some occasions, they also have themed celebrations and costume parties for an even more exclusive experience.

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