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Top destinations to escape the Gulf heat

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Skyscrapers, luxury, and breaking world records are what many Gulf countries are famous for; especially the UAE. Yet if you've never visited any of these countries, you would be introduced to heat and high temperatures.

During summer months, the weather is very hot, dry, or humid. This is basically due to the desert nature of the Arab Peninsula. To escape that, most people traveling in these countries plan their summer vacations to other countries to avoid this weather.

Many travelers choose to fly to near-by countries like Egypt, Jordan, and Beirut where the language is familiar and the food is delicious. However, while some travelers prefer cooler and more diverse cities in the Middle East, some fly to Eastern Asia, Europe, or the USA. Below is a list of top destinations travelers choose to escape the Gulf heat.


While Cairo is still a hot-weather city, it is more bearable than Gulf heat. The city is known for its round-the-clock lifestyle, history, entertainment activities, and active nightlife. Being the home of old Pharaohs, the city is filled with ancient Egyptian ruins and monuments that people from all over the world travel to see. Nonetheless, the city is one of the region’s capitals, attracting many nightclub, bar, and restaurant international chains to serve the finest of their dishes and services.


Amman is emerging into a very vibrant capital in the region, with the nightlife scene becoming a trend. Many well-known 5-star hotels and venues have opened in the Jordanian city along the past few years to host the most exciting events and weekend parties. The dining experience has also been upgraded to a new level in the capital, to serve only the finest dishes from around the world. With its mountainy nature, you would need to book your tables ahead to secure the best views of the city.


High-end shopping, fine dining, signature boutiques, busy markets, and art galleries are the top attractors in London. Travelers from the Gulf countries are known to be wealthy and big spenders, that’s why London is always on top of the list for their summer destinations. If you are not only looking to escape the hot weather, but actually looking forward to an upscale shopping and dining experience, head to London with no hesitation.


Situated in the middle of Bavaria, Munich has been a touristic hub for many years. With its beautiful scenery, luxury, and sports cars roaming the streets and architecture, Munich is a touristic magnet. Moreover, the city has been growing as a medical tourism capital, well-known for proficiency and advancement. That’s why many Gulf travelers visit the city not only for leisure, but also for medical purposes.

The list goes a long way, as the world is filled with countless adventures and experiences. Some travelers look for the nightlife and dining scenery in a city, others are attracted by shopping and luxury brands’ hunting, while others are more into surfing, yachting and further exotic experience.

No matter what your taste in traveling is, and no matter what you are looking for, always look for excellence and book your experiences through BeSeated.