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Top 3 Destinations for your Exclusive Luxury Yacht Party

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

What’s better than a party? An exclusive party? What’s even better than that, you may ask? Well…an exclusive yacht party! This screams FUN and EXTRAVAGANCE, and BeSeated’s got you covered as we have compiled only the best destinations for you to enjoy your luxurious yacht experience.

Here are our top 3 destinations for your exclusive yacht party:

1. Ibiza

When people think about Ibiza, they automatically think of its legendary party scenes. With the world’s top DJ’s and bands, VIP rooms and sunset parties, you’re assured to have an epic night out.

BeSeated will even take your party scene to a whole new level with a selection of luxury yachts that will give you a stunning Mediterranean view to indulge in. You are definitely in for your perfect nightlife.

2. Dubai

The sun, the sea and the majestic desert - Dubai is a fast moving vibrant city with a love for the big, the luxurious and the extravagant. This is an Elite’s Haven.

While Dubai is a relatively young city, it is full of culture and charm. Whether you’re in the mood for rooftop cocktails or beach parties, Dubai never disappoints those who want to enjoy the finer things in life. And what could be more extravagant than sailing through Dubai with your choice of yacht from BeSeated?

3. London

London has its name synonymous to luxury. Having an exclusive yacht party on the Thames River while enjoying the amazing London skyline is a luxury you cannot afford to miss.

Very few cities around the world can offer you what London has to offer. From a vibrant metropolitan city with loads of parks and natural scenery, to the historical and modern attractions, combined with a world renowned culinary and shopping experiences, nothing beats London’s allure.

BeSeated has partnered with the crème de la crème in London to offer you only the top the choices. So the next time you are in London, we recommend taking some time to enjoy an exclusive yacht party with your friends or your loved ones.

What are you waiting for? Fast track your exclusive yacht party and don’t worry about having to plan anything because BeSeated’s easy-to-use platform will offer you a hand selected and high-caliber list of luxury yacht providers in Ibiza, Dubai, London, and many other metropolitan cities around the world. Let’s make your exclusive yacht party happen from the palm of your hand.