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Your Ultimate Ski Holiday in Austria

It’s that time of the year when mountains are filled with snow and people come outside to play. Whether it’s going ice skating, building a snowman, making snow angels, or having a snowball fight, there’s surely a lot of fun things to do with snow. For more experienced and adventurous people, winter equipments are out. This includes the very heavy waterproof clothing, equipment for all types of sleigh rides, snowboarding, and the holiday favorite, skiing.

Skiing is such a wonderful activity, where the euphoric feeling you get is unlike any other. When you glide through the snow and the cold wind brushes against your face, it’s almost as if nothing can slow you down or stop you. The strength it gives you, both physically and mentally, together with the adrenaline rush makes you feel unstoppable. Include the amazing view from the top of the mountain, as you ride down that slope, we bet that you feel like you’re the king (or queen) of the world!

There are many places around the world where you can go skiing, but the more popular destinations are Canada, Switzerland, France, and of course, Austria. It’s where you can find groomed slopes, as well as spectacular scenic views. They also have the most beautiful ski resorts in the world, it’s hard not to experience it. To top that off, it’s a unique holiday experience that you can get when visiting these world-famous countries.

If you ask us, we’d recommend you to go skiing in Austria, where you can look forward to 7,215 kilometers of slopes. It’s a ski destination that’s more casual and laidback compared to the other resorts; and you get to experience the famous Austrian notion of Gemütlichkeit, which best describes their hospitality. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’re definitely guaranteed to have a great time in the slopes of Austria.

The best part about skiing in Austria, is activities to look forward to after a day of skiing. Normally, you’ve got bands and beers to keep you entertained the entire afternoon, all the way up to the evening. During these concerts, you’ll be able to enjoy sumptuous food and good company, you’re sure to have great vibes the whole time. There are also a good number of spas around the mountains, and other activities like sleigh rides, shopping in markets, or skating around a frozen lake, perfect for your non-skiing friends who want to join you on your trip.

So where exactly are the best ski destinations in Austria?


Solden Ski Resort. Credit: Double A Media 2020

Sölden is the largest ski resort in the ötz valley, where the scenic Ötztal Glacier Road is located. It’s famous for being the setting of the 2015 James Bond film, Spectre, and for its mountain lookouts. It has a high altitude of 3,250 meters above sea level, and is linked to two glaciers, which makes it a favorite destination for year-round skiing in Austria. Aside for this high-energy activity, Sölden is also known for its energetic après-ski scene, you’ll surely never be bored once you’re off the slopes.


St. Anton is an Austrian village in the Tyrolean Alps, well-known for its significance in ski history as the site of the first ski club in the Alps, which opened in 1901. The village sits nearby the Arlberg ski region and is also one for the top destinations for serious skiers, as it is home to some of the most challenging slopes in the Alps. However, one of the nice things about this village is that it’s also near other less challenging ski destinations, perfect for families and beginners. It’s also home to some of the most family-friendly chalets, which come with in-house child care, that lets you enjoy and make the most out of your trip.

St Anton Alberg Town. Credit: Trafoodel

People love going to St. Anton not just because of the variety of slopes and great accommodation, but mainly for the après-ski scene that is legendary. If you’re looking for the party central of the Alps, head over to the bars called Mooserwirt or Krazy Kanguruh, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable nightlife experience. So if you’re up for the challenging slopes, and want to party until dawn, well then St. Anton is the place for you.


If you’re not up for the challenging slopes of St. Anton but want to experience an excellent après-ski scene just the same, head over to Ischgl. Their slopes are more friendly to intermediate skiers, where they can even go cross-border skiing into Switzerland through the Silvretta Arena. Ischgl also offers snow-sure slopes because of its high altitude and number of north-facing slopes, you’re sure to enjoy your ski holiday. To cap off your day, although the après-ski scene here may be more friendly to people in their 30s, this ski resort is still famous for its parties featuring international artists like Elton John, Tine Turner, Kylie Minogue, and Jason Derulo. So if you want these kinds of high-profile events and legendary skiing experience, then Ischgl is the place to be.

Ischgl, Austria. Credit: Alterra

Now that you know all about these ski destinations, surely you’re asking about the best place to stay in...

Ski destinations have different types of accommodations for everyone; Normally, you can find apartments, hotels, hostels, and more, but the best type of accommodation for your ultimate ski holiday in Austria is a CHALET.

St. Anton am Arlberg. Credit: ARLBERGLIFE Camping

When you think about the Alps, the image that comes to mind is snow-covered trees and mountains, and villages with houses made of wood. And that’s exactly what chalets are; they are like private houses made of local timber, and are designed around the architectural theme of the local village. They come with full-time housekeepers and chefs, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning and cooking, and you can just enjoy and relax during your ski holiday.

Chalets are perfect for families and groups of friends who are looking for the right balance between a private and a sociable nightlife. It’s cozy and warm, and it’s a place where you can definitely spend some quality time, whether you’re looking for quiet nights or party nights. With the right company, your stay in a chalet will definitely be a memorable part of your holiday experience.

There are different types of chalets, depending on what you’re looking for. There are small chalets that have at least five bedrooms (and if you look hard enough, sometimes there can even be less); and there are also chalets that come with childcare, perfect for families who want a little help during their holiday so that mum and dad can enjoy skiing too.

And then of course there are luxury chalets that have lots and lots of living space, and come with amenities like a swimming pool, gourmet kitchen, home theater, hot tub, fitness center, wine cellar, open fireplace, and even ski rooms. They can also come with services like all-day driver service, personal chefs, and a high staff-to-guest ratio. You can look at it this way - it’s just like staying in a luxury villa, but up in the snowy mountains.

Now that’s the ultimate ski holiday! There’s literally nothing else to worry about because you’re sure that everything will be taken care of.

Ready to ride down the slopes in Austria? Head over to BeSeated, treat yourself with this ultimate ski holiday, and book your luxury chalet now.