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Updated: Nov 21, 2019

The desire for luxury is a taste we all acquire, no matter how modest we are or hope to be. Luxury exists in different flavors, colors, and forms. For some of us, luxury is found in the sumptuous fine dining and the Michelin-star restaurants we dream of going to. For others, it’s wearing clothes from high-fashion brands and flaunting their latest designer bags. And then there are those who fancy luxury experiences, such as staying in a villa to satisfy their desire for privacy, independence, and the peace and serenity it offers.

Staying in a luxury villa is not just for the satisfaction of living in an elitist residence. It also comes with the ability to explore exotic locations, having access to your very own private beach, and indulging in meals cooked by your own personal chef.


Unlike booking a room in 5-star hotels, renting a luxury villa allows you to avoid over-crowded swimming pools, expensive buffets, and the general busy atmosphere within the hotel. When you stay in a villa, the whole property is just yours, and you don’t need to worry about other travelers sharing your personal space.

In fact, luxury villas are so private, that if you want to enjoy some loud music, or simply savor the peaceful surrounding while tanning and reading a book, you’re free to do it!


One of the biggest misconceptions about staying in a luxury villa is that it’s too costly. But if you’re traveling in a group or booking for a long stay, you’ll probably find that there’s a greater value for money in renting luxury villas than in booking rooms in hotels, especially if you can get more people to come along with you.

With amenities like a fully-equipped kitchen with modern appliances, laundry and cleaning services, infinity pools with amazing views, and your very own private gym, you’re also significantly saving on expensive charges for food, drinks, and other activities.


Luxury villas are often located in areas with views that are out of this world. As an individual property, they can secure more exclusive locations; You can choose from beachfront properties, amazing seascapes, incredible jungle vibes, or mountaintop hideaways, among many others. Nothing beats the perfection of being surrounded with the beauty that nature has to offer, and having it all to yourself.

Of course some hotels or even homes you find online offer scenic locations too, but as they are normally found near city centers, or in high-traffic tourist areas, this atmosphere affects even the best views.


One of the best things about staying in a villa is the feel-at-home luxurious vibe that you get. Imagine having your own open kitchen, wide living room, and professionally designed outdoor lounge, which you can use any time you desire. Top it off with elegant interiors, modern furniture, perfectly landscaped tropical gardens, verandas facing the beach, and spacious bathrooms; you’re definitely in for an unforgettable stay.

Some villas even come with more amenities; such as barbecue areas for social gatherings, a private gym, or even a tennis court or a soccer field for sports activities. Staying in luxury villas immediately realizes that dream vacation that you’ve been longing for.


Booking a luxury villa means that you can customize your travel to your own preferences. You can choose when you want to fly in and what time you want to arrive. Whether you want to start your day and go around town early, or enjoy your beauty rest and wake up at brunch time, or even have a late night swim before you go to bed; your schedule depends on you, and not on the schedule of the hotel services.

In fact, you can even choose which type of villa will suit your vacation best; If you want to unwind, choose a villa that includes personal care and spa services. If you want a family trip, choose a villa that has an entertainment room, or even a cinema room, or some sports facilities. Or if you simply just want to escape the city noise and be one with nature, you can also choose a villa in a location that will satisfy your desire for some greenery.


Most luxury villas come with personal chefs who can tailor the menu to suit your personal diet or preference in meals. You can enjoy meals in a new setting every day, or try out different cuisines depending on your cravings. You can even request for the best local delicacies that the town has to offer.

So whether it’s a full meal or just an afternoon snack, unlike other travelers, you no longer have to eat in the same chain restaurants; the food that you will eat will surely never become repetitive.


Because of all the amenities, the space, and the overall well-designed property that come along with a luxury villa, renting it out means that you have you can have your own private party for any special occasion – whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, or even a baptism. It’s the perfect setting to socialize with its relaxed and comfortable environment.

And since a villa also comes with its own concierge team, arranging for catering, sound systems, additional interior decoration, or any other party requests also becomes easier.

Regardless of the reason people give as their source of attraction to luxury villas, there are still many more not mentioned. At the end of the day, it’s all about having your own preferences and satisfying your needs. Thankfully, this era has also evolved and has become more digital, with lots of brands rising and offering villas to their clients, directly from its owners. However, with the rise of platforms also comes an increase of unfriendly customer service, where what was promised is not delivered.

Not to worry! For your modest luxury budget, our experts understand what it takes in the market; you can be assured that what is promised to you, will be delivered with just a click of a button.

We offer luxury villas for rent, handpicked for you to select from. Our list of luxury villas are carefully refined, and we personally verify these locations to ensure that they are of excellent quality. We also verify ownership documentation of registered villas on our platform to avoid any form of surprises as we understand exactly what our clientele want.

Currently, we offer villas in Ibiza, Mykonos, and Paros; however we also attend to any special request outside of our usual offers. We also ensure that the villas we offer our clients are the best ones available in a particular destination. BeSeated services are second to none; all it takes is just one click. Experience comfort, experience luxury, download BeSeated today.