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Luxury Trip From Europe to Africa

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

What is the definition of luxury you may ask? It’s a state of great comfort or elegance, which normally involves great expense. Back in the day, luxury enthusiasts sought after luxurious possessions like the latest watches, designer bags, and clothes from high end fashion brands. However, luxury has quickly evolved; and today, these enthusiasts seek personalized, exclusive, unforgettable experiences, which often involve traveling.

Imagine yourself hopping on a private jet with your family and friends, where you can enjoy your own space in the sky and indulge on good quality food and wine. You’re en-route to a trip of a lifetime starting in Europe, making your way down to South Africa. It’s a long journey ahead, yet you don’t mind the long hours spent more than 10,000 feet above the ground because of the service, and the positive and professional attitude of the crew flying with all of you. The whole atmosphere feels so private and exclusive, you even have your own beds with good quality linen, where you can peacefully rest.


In the morning, you arrive to your first stop, Prague, one of the world’s most romantic destinations. You’re well rested and ready to start the vacation that has been exclusively tailored just for you. You look from the window of your private jet to see a skyline dotted with over a hundred spires and buildings with beautiful architecture. You get off the plane and you head over to the Ginger Royal Suite of the Dancing House Hotel, where you will be spending the next few nights. The architecture of the building itself is magnificent that when you arrive, you’re in awe because of this beauty created by the famous architects Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic.

Prague Castle - St. Vitus, Vaclav and Vojtech - Cathedral. Credit: Prague City Tourism

It’s now mid-afternoon and you find yourself in Charles Bridge, where you have a wonderful view of Prague’s towers, palaces, and churches. You’re en-route to the Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world, where you spend three hours wandering inside the buildings with various architecture styles - Romanesque and Gothic.

After touring the castle, you head on to Spices Restaurant and Bar, located in the heart of the picturesque Little Quarter. You indulge on a delicious Asian and European crossover menu prepared by Chef Stephen Senewiratne and his team, which is served in a unique wine cellar, built by Dominican Monks in the 14th Century. Of course dinner isn’t complete without trying their mouthwatering cocktails, perfect with the cozy and relaxing ambiance of the restaurant and bar.

As clubbing is a big hit in Prague, you head over to Mecca and dance the night away to the deep house, techno, and electronic music of world-class DJs. You party until 6 in the morning and head back to Charles Bridge to watch the sunrise. You finally go back to the Dancing House Hotel to have some breakfast in Ginger & Fred and get some sleep.

You spend the next days going around Prague, visiting the Strahov Monastery, strolling by the Vltava River, wandering through the Old Town Square, and taking pictures of the Prague Astronomical Clock, before you head on to next stop in Europe.


You fly down south to Florence, one of the most beautiful and luxurious cities in the world. You get off your private jet and go straight to your Royal Suite at the Four Seasons hotel, which has painted vaulted ceilings above, original Capodimonte Maioliche-style ceramic floor below, and 17th-century frescoes and park views everywhere you look. You head down to the Atrium Bar to grab some lunch and some afternoon cocktails before you start wandering around the city.

As Florence is a city of art, for your first stop, you head over to see Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia. You marvel at the iconic statue, and then you make your way to explore other magnificent artworks and masterpieces by masters of art. You then make your way to Uffizi and spend the rest of the afternoon wandering around the exhibits and the galleries.

It’s now 6 in the afternoon and you find yourselves by the stairs of Piazzale Michelangelo, watching the sun set and enjoying the company of your loved ones. You head back down and eat dinner at Il Santo Bevitore, which serves Mediterranean-inspired dishes with fresh and locally sourced ingredients, selected by Chef Claudio Salvadori in the Santo Spirito and San Frediano areas of Tuscany.

After that sumptuous dinner, you head over to Moyo, where you sip on quality cocktails prepared with fresh fruits and excellent alcohol all night long, while enjoying the DJ’s set. You meet new friends from all parts of the world and enjoy their company as well. The night passes and you return back to Four Seasons for some rest.

In the next two days, you stroll down Via de Tornabuoni, where you go crazy over Fendi, Gucci, Valentino, and Pucci; you wander around the Duomo, and appreciate its architectural beauty; you drop by Ponte Vecchio, which is one of the finest streets in the world for gold; and you visit the Ferragamo and Gucci museums, where you get a history of the iconic brands and enjoy their onsite boutiques.

Your luxury trip in Europe has finally come to an end and you prepare yourself to head down to Africa. You pack your bags, hop on your private jet, and enjoy your trip down south of the world, stopping by one of the most exotic and culturally rich cities in the world.


Marrakech is one of the perfect destinations for an ultimate getaway, as it is filled with luxurious places and rich experiences, hidden behind the doors of the city. As you get off your private jet, you receive a warm welcome from the people of Marrakech. You head over to your Suite at Riad Dar Anika to freshen up, and go down to Dar Anika Kitchen to get a taste of the best food Morocco has to offer; it’s just the perfect way to end the day after your trip from Europe.

The courtyards and gardens. Credit: Erik Gauger, Conde Nast

The next day, after having some breakfast, you start exploring the city, walking through the narrow alleyways and walking up the rooftop terraces of the Medina. Here, you’ll find ancient streets, courtyards, gardens, and souks that tell you the history of the city. You’re also surrounded by fragrant scents, sounds, and sights, which change with each alley you explore.

For lunch, you head over to Nomad and take a break from the city’s busy streets. You’re struck by the tranquility and the amazing view of the Medina, as you indulge on modern Moroccan dishes with a twist. And finally, after capping off your lunch with some afternoon tea, you head over to Amanjena. No Moroccan trip would be complete without experiencing their traditional hammam, and Amanjena offers a private and luxurious experience. Their packages include the traditional Moroccan hammam and aromatic steam, as well as full body massages, and hair and facial treatments.

After that relaxing afternoon, you head over to Le Grand Cafe de la Post for dinner, which serves typical French fare and modern international dishes. You then cap off your night sharing a bottle with your friends at Lotus Club as you enjoy their live entertainment.

During your stay in Marrakech, you’ll also take a helicopter trip to a luxury camp in the Sahara Desert, where you get a stunning view of the High Atlas Mountains. On your last day in Marrakech, you’ll take a stroll through the Jardin Majorelle, also known as the Yves Saint Laurent Garden, where you’ll find an impressive cacti collection. At night, you’ll experience the lively atmosphere of the Jemaa el Fan, the great square in the Medina, where you’ll get a taste of the full flavor of the city.

After setting foot in the north of Africa, and experiencing a little bit of Morocco’s culture, you’re finally ready to head down south. You spend one last night relaxing at Riad Dar Anika, preparing for your long flight. And although you’ll spend hours 10,000 feet above the ground, you’re not worried because of the excellent services that come with flying in a private jet.


The long flight is over and you finally arrive Cape Town, the most popular cosmopolitan city in South Africa. This destination has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. You get off your private jet and head straight to your Three Bedroom Suite in Cape Grace for some time off.

After your restful sleep, you’re finally ready for an exquisite adventure. Although Cape Town is filled with a lot of activities, incredible dining options, and great wine, the most luxurious experiences are found just an hour away from the city. On your first day, you head over to the West Coast National Park, where you spend the entire morning whale-watching and experiencing their wildlife safari.

You then drive back to Cape Town and take a helicopter flight to the Cape Winelands. where you’ll get a taste of exquisite wine and a 3-course meal. You spend the rest of the afternoon walking through the vineyards and then head back to the city.

For dinner, you head over to 95 Keerom, where you indulge on some delicious Italian dishes by the world known Milanese Chef Giorgio Nava. Afterwards, you wouldn’t want to miss the best dessert in town, I 2 Fondenti al Cioccolato - a white Italian chocolate fondant topped with white rum, plus a dark Italian chocolate fondant with hot liquid chocolate centres.

It’s now time to experience the nightlife in Cape Town, where you’ll find a dozen of bars, perfect for your every mood. For tonight, you head over to Tjing Tjing Rooftop, which is just the perfect location for winding down after the long day you’ve had. You chill with your friends while listening to indie and electronic music, as you take a sip of your perfectly mixed cocktail.

The night passes and you head back to Cape Grace for a good night’s rest. In the next days, you continue exploring the majestic nature that Cape Town has to offer. You spend a day at Cosy Bay, where you can get a stunning scenery and take a quick dip in the Atlantic Ocean. You also attend a Sunday concert at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, where local bands come and play in the open-air stage against a view of the Table Mountain. And then you go snorkeling with Cape Seals, where you can get real close and personal, and just enjoy being in the water with them. And finally, you hike up the Table Mountain and witness a sunset over a spectacular view of the country.

Your luxury trip from Europe to Africa has come to an end and you feel nothing but blessed with everything that you’ve experienced. It’s time to head back, but you don’t want to end your trip with your family and friends just yet. On your last day in Cape Town, you decide to make a stop in the Middle East before heading back. It’s another long trip, but you know it’s going to be worth it.


After a long flight, you finally arrive Muscat, Oman’s largest city. Although it’s one of the least discovered countries in the Middle East, this city boasts its historic buildings and mosques, and its magical architecture. From the airport, you’re warmly greeted by the staff as you go inside your car and head off to your Royal Suite in InterContinental Muscat to get some sleep.

Your itinerary in the coming days include visiting the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, where you’ll find Indian stones and Persian carpets; the Royal Opera House, where you’ll be watching and enjoying a music concert; Sur, a famous city for building dhows, their famous wooden sailboats; and of course, Wahiba Sands, where you’ll be spending a night and experiencing the bedouin lifestyle. You’ll be dining in Al Angham Restaurant, which serves Omani dishes such as harees, lamb stews, and Omani lobster; and Asado South American Steakhouse, which serves steaks done the South American style. You’ll also be chilling in Al Ghazal, where you can play darts or pool while enjoying some drinks; and the John Barry Bar, where you can appreciate the old-world charm from the live music and dim lighting.

While in Muscat, you’ll also be paying a visit to the Saudi Arabian Embassy and applying for your visa. With the newly launched tourist via system, why not stop by Riyadh before you head back home?

Al-Ula. Credit: ITP Digital Media Inc.

Riyadh is considered to be one of the wealthiest cities in the world. Here, you’ll be staying at the Royal Suite of Hyatt Regency, located at the center of the city. On the last leg of your luxury trip, you’ll be visiting Al Ula, where the UNESCO World Heritage, Mada’in Saleh, is located; the Red Sea, where the Kingdom plans to build a luxurious beach resort; and another UNESCO World Heritage site, Diriyah, which was the original home of the Saudi Royal family. You’ll also be taking a helicopter tour over the country’s major cities and deserts to cap off the touristic activities that you’ll be doing in the city.

Part of your itinerary also includes indulging the tasteful dishes in fine dining restaurants around the city. You’ll be eating in The Globe, which is Riyadh’s most exclusive fine dining restaurant, located at the top of Al Faisaliah Hotel. You’ll also try the comfort food at 56th Avenue Diner, which is the perfect spot to just hang out and chill with your family and friends, and reminisce over the days that you have spent together traveling the world.

Now, you have finally reached the end of your luxury trip. What was supposedly a trip from Europe to Africa turned out to be a round-the-world trip. And although you visited 6 cities around the world, the trip doesn’t feel long and tiring because of the excellent service offered by BeSeated, your social concierge. From chartering the private jet to reserving tables in the most exclusive venues, everything went smoothly and you definitely created new memories and enjoyed your time with your loved ones during the trip that was exclusively tailored just for you. Now, it’s time to open the app once again and plan your next vacation.