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How to live the #yachtlife dream

Some of us have that lifelong dream of having our own private jets, and conveniently travel to any part of the world anytime we want. While for others, they dream about spending their days traveling the seas and living that #yachtlife dream. But how is it really like to live in a yacht?

Imagine a beautiful summer day where you’re out basking in the sun, sipping on your cold drink, as the music plays softly in the background. You’re on the sun deck of your yacht, enjoying a peaceful view of the ocean, while moving slowly with the waves. Someone comes and refills your drink, and tells you lunch is served. You gather your family and head to the dining area of your yacht, and you indulge on a meal that has been prepared by a top chef. Now that’s the dream #yachtlife isn’t it? But how can you make this dream come to life?


If you’ve read our blog on ‘everything you need to know about yachting’, then you’ll know all about the different types of yachts and what they are designed for. And for your ultimate #yachtlife dream, the best type of yacht for you is either a Catamaran yacht or a motor yacht, which are more stable, have superior speed, and luxurious spaces among many others.

Owning a yacht means that you can spend your summer vacations on sea and explore the wonders that nature has to offer, without having to worry about yacht availability. You also get to host week-long intimate celebrations with your family and friends, and plan it around the amenities you know you already have. You can reach the most exotic islands in the world, anytime you want, and can spend some quiet time with your loved ones for as long as you want.

But while these reasons may sound tempting, there’s also a practical aspect you will need to think about, if you want to have your own yacht. Will you be sharing its ownership with other people? How will you divide the costs? How often are you going to use the yacht? Will it be used mainly for cruising, or will it be just like a floating condo that stays at the marina? Are you going to charter it? Who’s going to operate it? Will you be hiring crew to assist you onboard?

Once you’ve thought about the answers to these questions, and you’re still sure that you want your own yacht, well then congratulations! You've completed the first step to living the #yachtlife dream! Now it’s time to search for the perfect yacht. At this stage, consider what amenities you would like to have onboard - do you want heating and air conditioning? Adequate closet space? A fully-functional galley? A comfortable master bedroom? Listing down the important amenities you would like to have will help you narrow down your search.

If you’ve already listed the amenities you want, it’s now time to start contacting reputable yacht brokers to assist you with your search. Professional brokers work as trusted advisors who can help explain everything to you - from quality to maintainability and performance. They will be present in every step of the purchasing process, from initial consultation, all the way to delivery. But where to find these brokers? Well, you can go to marinas or attend boat shows, where you can learn about the latest gadgets, products, and services in the market. Dealers, brokers, and vendors are normally present in these places, ready to discuss whatever question you may have.

One final tip before you make your purchase - check it out in person. Don’t be shy and make sure you check everything - from water stains to leaks, rust on any of the hardware to cracks or soft spots in the wood of the deck. Go aboard and make sure you can comfortably walk around your yacht. And if it passes your inspection, you may want to have a professional surveyor investigate the yacht as well, as they know how to spot problems and save you a lot of headaches.


Living the #yachtlife dream doesn’t always necessarily mean that you have to own a yacht. Sometimes, chartering one can give you the same satisfaction and be pretty advantageous for you too.

Aside from saving money on a big purchase, you can also save money from expensive maintenance costs and having your own private dock or parking space, which can be pretty costly if you add it all up. Additionally, by opting to charter one, you get to choose a luxury yacht that fits your budget. So why not just charter a yacht when you want to explore the seas? It don’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to rent them out for day only. There are also yachts available for long-term use, perfect for the #yachtlife dream that you’ve been longing for.

All costs aside, another advantage of chartering a yacht is being able to choose a yacht that’s perfect for your activities. Sometimes, you just want to take out your yacht for a personal vacation. But other times, of course you’d want a bigger yacht so you can take your friends or colleagues with you to celebrate special occasions. So, rather than taking your own yacht, you can always take a different yacht depending on your needs.

Where exactly do you start if you want to charter a yacht? Similar to owning a yacht, you’ll need to think about what you’re going to be using this yacht for, and what amenities you’d like to have on board. And once you have everything listed down, it’s time to do the search.

Some people physically go to marinas to check out yachts that are available for charter. Others go to different websites, looking for the best options and the best deals on different sites. Sounds time consuming, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be. Which is why the best way for you to charter your yacht is with BeSeated. We’ve already narrowed down the best yachts with the best prices and conditions in each city, making it easier for you to plan and choose conveniently.

Yachts available for charter can be for as little as 6 people (or 1 if you want to do a solo trip) or for as many as 50 people. And depending on what amenities you want to have with you on board or pre-boarding, these yachts can even come with luxury car services, exclusive cuisine, water sports, red carpet on arrival, music DJs, photographers, or a dedicated captain & crew. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? So if you want to live that #yachtlife dream without spending too much, chartering a yacht is the best way to go!


Of course there are other ways to live that #yachtlife dream if you don’t want to have your own yacht or charter one. If you love this dream so much and want to make a living out of it, then you may want to consider working as a crew member.

Becoming a crew member onboard a super yacht can be a glamour-filled job because of the voyages around the world to exotic locations, and meeting celebrities or UHNWIs (ulta-high net worth individuals) and their families. Aside from these, you also get offered expense-free living, on top of tax-free salaries.

Although, as luxurious as it may sound, working as crew can also be demanding because of the rich and powerful guests that you’re going to deal with. When you have guests on board, work hours can be very long and tiring. You’re going to be busy doing everything to make the guests feel comfortable, as long as they’re awake. At the same time, you’re also sleeping in shared cabins away from the comforts of your own home for a long period of time, which means that your personal privacy can also be affected. And if that’s not mentally draining enough, you will have to manage all of these while maintaining a high spirit for when you’re working.

But if you’re up for the challenge and you still want to pursue living the #yachtlife dream while working as a crew, then maybe this job is just for you! Aside from the glamorous perks we’ve mentioned, imagine having your own meals prepared by the yacht chef using the finest ingredients on board. You’ll also be surrounded by fellow yachties 24/7, who will eventually become your family away from home. And from what we’ve heard, this often leads to some of the strongest relationships you’ll ever have in your lifetime!

Another thing to love about working as a crew member of a yacht is that no day and no scenery will ever be the same. Your work and the workload will change depending on the season and the depending on the number of guests. Sometimes, you’ll be serving; other times, you’ll be doing maintenance work. The best part of it though is that you’ll also get access to the equipment and luxury facilities onboard when there are no guests.

So how does one become a crew member? Well, you’ll need to prepare a lot of things before you can even start woking. Because you’ll be living onboard, you’ll need to decide if you want to sell some of your things or even rent your house. You’ll also need to get yourself qualified - the minimum qualifications for entry-level positions are the STCW’s (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers) and ENG1 Medical Certificate. But if you want to stand out from the other applicants, invest on yourself and get some additional courses, skills, and languages.

Once you’ve arranged everything and have all the skills that you need, you’re ready to start looking and get hired. You can head over to the major yachting hubs around the world and create your own network. Although this may involve some traveling expenses, just think about the connections that you’ll make as you become closer to living your ultimate #yachtlife dream.

Whether it’s owning a yacht, chartering one, or working as a crew, there are many different ways to make that #yachtlife dream come true. And for the other dreamers out there, never lose hope! Dream about those endless possibilities and how else you can live the ultimate lifestyle that you’ve been longing for.