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If not in Miami, where else would you be?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Colorful sunsets, paradise beaches, and a vibrant nightlife; That’s what makes Miami one of the world’s top and most visited summer destinations. It is well known for its clear skies, blue beaches, energetic nightlife with a twist of Cuban atmosphere and world-class DJs.

Miami is a touristic hub with millions of visitors each year. Their most famous beach, South Beach, is the city’s most vibrant, well-known for its well-preserved art deco district and stunning buildings. It is even called “The American Riviera” with its clear turquoise waters and fine white sand. Other famous beaches like the Hauler Beach and the Surfside are also worth visiting! On top of that, Miami also has well known boutiques, galleries and stores that complete the luxury experience.

Most celebrities can be spotted in for nightlong dances over the beats of top-class DJs and dance shows, as Miami is home to the top calibre venues. Whether it’s a hotel bar, a cocktail lounge, a nightclub or even a beach club, Miami has it all.

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