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Flying in Luxury and Comfort

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Flying in luxury and comfort is something we all dream to experience. Flying should be a pleasurable experience, as it arguably remains the most sophisticated means of transportation. And with BeSeated, your charter experience can be as luxurious and as comfortable as you desire it to be.

With BeSeated, you can to fly to any destination, wherever and whenever you desire. It is a platform that boasts of multiple service provisions, which include having the avionic experience best suited for your specifications. All you need to do is to select your location, your destination, flight date/s, and number of guests, and BeSeated will take care of the rest.

So why choose a private jet over a commercial flight? Jets are known to take passengers all around the world, as quickly as they want. They offer the Picasso of comfort - you are not only flying in luxury and comfort, but you are also avoiding the hassle typically associated with commercial flights. For most people, it also indicates a status upgrade, a paradigm shift from being a have-not to a privileged individual. Once you’ve tasted the luxury of a private jet, commercial flights will no longer satisfy you.

With just a click on BeSeated, a flight request will immediately be sent to our Lifestyle Managers, who will tailor the options available for your preference. Be sure that you will be getting the top-notch social concierge service that makes everything more convenient for you, and organizes your flight arrangements to ensure that you get that memorable and luxurious travel experience.