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First Time on a Private Jet? No Worries!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Imagine flying above the clouds, in complete privacy and comfort. Well, no need to imagine anymore! BeSeated and set your imagination free!

Are you tired of watching safety videos, snoring, lack of legroom and crying babies on commercial flights? It’s time for you to experience the perks of flying private. You may wonder if it’s worth the price... For your every question, we’ve got an answer.

Avoid long security lines, flight delays and airport gate changes in huge terminals. Enjoy a fast tracked pre-flight process in a separate terminal, specifically for private jets. Spending your money to indulge a real haven is completely worth it. Book on BeSeated and let us tailor an unforgettable trip for you!

All first times are special, but this is a first time you will never forget!


We highly recommended booking flights ahead of time. This is particularly important, if it is your first experience, to avoid last minute surprises. Booking flights at least a day beforehand can do the trick.


Responsibility comes in different forms. Benefits of flying private is leniency, unlike traveling on commercial airlines, which include numerous rules to keep in mind. While enjoying your freedom, ensure you adhere to the rules guiding your conduct on an aircraft. Taking responsibility may also include avoiding excessive alcoholic beverages, and instead, opting for sparkling water or juice.

But most importantly, you’re flying in style; so don’t forget to dress accordingly. Dress to express, and not just to impress.

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