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Choose the Place, We’ll Find You Space

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Up for a night out? Whether to party or dine in the most exclusive Venues in the world, you’re about to BeSeated!

Wondering what the trendiest places are? Whether you’re interested in Nightclubs, Restaurants or even Lounges; we’ve refined a selection tailored for you. Browse through a vast collection of Venues in different cities, pick your preferred Venue and buy your entry or book your table, in seconds!

Our platform connects you directly with Venues; so updates to your booking status are in real-time. For more information on how to make a booking, click here.

While we’re at it, not all surprises are good; it’s better to be informed before arriving. BeSeated provides you with info, such as: Venue description and policies, opening hours, directions, and even the Venues’ Biggest Spenders!

Forget about waiting in lines, reservations and confirmation calls, simply BeSeated.

A click away, and you’re on your way to an amazing night in town. Do that while collecting loyalty coins and enjoying the platform features, such as,

1. Join tables of other Elites

2. Invite friends to join you

3. Share payment with friends

4. Add extras and much more…

Join the Elite Society today, and don’t miss out on those unforgettable moments!