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BeSeated Lifestyle Manager?

BeSeated is a complete platform for the elite; not only do we cutout the middlemen from the equation, but we also add convenience and simplicity.

BeSeated, in addition to all of its services and unique features, offers Lifestyle Managers.

But what exactly do they do?

The answer is simple - a Lifestyle Manager is almost like a personal assistant, but with a flair for luxury and all things elite. You can sit back, relax, and let a BeSeated Lifestyle Manager arrange and manage your social activities, travel plans, and personal protection.

Why should I get a BeSeated Lifestyle Manager?

Our Lifestyle Managers are not only professional and knowledgeable, but they are always on the cutting edge of all that is trendy and elite around the world. They can arrange the most exquisite experiences for you, and get you into all of the hot clubs, restaurants, events and much more…

We know that you’re already well connected and knowledgeable on everything that's happening around you. But we also know, that it would be nice to focus on having fun and leaving all of the nitty gritty to your Lifestyle Manager.

Who might need a BeSeated Lifestyle Manager?

Well the answer is simple - all of our BeSeated Elites. Whether you’re an elite individual, a family, or even a corporation, our Lifestyle Managers are well trained and knowledgeable in managing all kinds of lifestyles - single, married, family, corporate, and any other style imaginable.

Are BeSeated Lifestyle Managers Discrete?

You can always rely on the discretion of BeSeated staff, as they are all well trained professionals and are obliged by their contracts to stay discrete.

BeSeated is for the elite who value their time and convenience over anything, and who want to enjoy all that life has to offer with ease and no frustrations or unpleasant surprises.

BeSeated… Your Elite Social Concierge