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Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Featuring luxuries in 26 cities, BeSeated is an exceptional platform that connects you to different luxury providers, who will ensure your ultimate comfort and convenience. These luxury providers have been refined from the best nightclubs, restaurants, villas, yachts, private jets, bodyguards and drivers. Features offered by BeSeated are incredibly remarkable and will make your booking process easier and faster than ever.

1. Open to new adventures?

If you are social, always want to meet new people, and experience new adventures with random people, then the Network on the app has been designed for you. You can request to join others’ bookings in different cities globally. This is a unique feature that will make your experience ultimately outstanding.

2. Like to be around your friends?

If you are the type who believes that people are just as important as the experience, and would like to create the best memories with your beloved friends, use the Invite Friends feature on the app when booking your next luxury.

3. Hate financials?

Nothing ruins the night more than having to split the bill at the end of an enjoyable hangout. No need to worry about this hassle anymore, and enjoy the Share Payment feature on the app and free your mind.

The best is yet to come as we continuously launch new features for you to enjoy. Your comfort and convenience are our number one concern. Let us know which BeSeated feature suits you, and BeTreated with your upcoming bookings.