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BeSeated this 2020

With all the new cities and new luxuries launched, 2019 was definitely a year filled with growth. As the BeSeated community grew bigger, so did our network of luxury providers, bringing you only the best for your unforgettable experiences around the world. Whether it was a private jet with three stops for your business meetings, or a luxury villa for your special occasions, or simply a table for you and your friends in a fully-booked venue, you were sure to receive the best offers.

Our growth with you surely doesn’t stop there. As we enter this new decade, we’re bringing you an even better BeSeated experience to add on to the convenience of booking your luxuries.


With the current app features, it only takes less than a minute to reserve tables in your favorite venues, charter luxury yachts in different cities, rent villas, charter jets, and more. It’s also easy to network with people around the world and join bookings from the Social Feed; and it’s convenient to plan your night outs with friends when you invite them to your bookings. Even sharing the bill becomes convenient with the Share Payment option, where you and you friends can go cashless and pay your shares separately.

But this 2020, we’re bringing you more features to help you access luxuries that suit you best. So if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, now’s the best time! Aside from bug fixes, you can expect to be treated with a better app journey from the moment you log in, all the way to when you finish your booking. Can you take a wild guess on what features we’re adding? You’ve already got some of the clues ;)


The BeSeated community is not just about our members, but about our partners as well. Without a platform that would bring convenience to their daily businesses, we wouldn’t be able to serve you the way we’ve had; and that’s what the BeSeated Manager brings in to the table. With features allowing them to understand your needs and instantly confirm your bookings anytime, anywhere, you were able to get the experiences that you wanted.

This year, we’ve got something very special in store for our trusted luxury partners. Just think - less work, more revenue. And if you’re interested to find out what it is, contact us now! But that’s not all that’s going to happen this year; we’re also giving you new cities and new luxuries, beneficial for the entire community. Yep, that’s right! Will they be in the far west? In the center? Or will they be in the far east? Well, you’ll just have to stick around to find out ;)


Together with the new features and offers, and the continuously advancing systems, one of the aspects we always focus on improving is how we serve you. Convenience is one of the things we value the most; And as part of the BeSeated community, our Lifestyle Managers are always ready to assist you with whatever you need.

As we continue to grow together, you can be sure that in this new decade, our dedication and commitment will be even stronger, to be at your service and to make life easier for you. And so this 2020, we look forward to being your social concierge.