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7 Reasons Why BeSeated Will Raise Your Elite Social Profile

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

The struggle of finding the right plan for the weekend, might not be a common issue for regular folks, but can be a serious issue for those who enjoy a Lavish Lifestyle.

BeSeated is a Complete Platform that connects the Elite with carefully selected and vetted Luxury providers of the Highest-Caliber. Yet, what makes BeSeated more than just a trusted and reliable Platform, is the Integrated Social Features it offers:

1. Social Feed: This feature shows you what everyone is up to in your city or around the world. This Elite Social Feature on BeSeated allows you to raise your Elite profile. No matter where you are around the World, you can choose to share your activities on the Social Feed, and don’t worry, you have the option to make it a private booking.

2. Invite Friends: No need to use multiple apps to reach friends and update them on your plans. You can directly invite friends to join you on your journeys directly on BeSeated. You Can also Invite them on all major social media platforms directly on BeSeated.

3. Join Friends: Don’t have any plans, why don’t you join other friends or Elite by requesting to join their bookings. Who knows…you might meet the love of your life in an outing.

4. Everything on 1 Platform: Instead of Wasting precious time and space for different app, searching for Yacht Renting Services, Private Jet Charter Services, and Luxury Car Services, and waste time calling unverified companies that may or may not be up to your standards, BeSeated offers all of that and more…

5. Payments: Sharing the Bill has just got easier…with BeSeated Payments. You can now share the bill with friends. You no longer need to carry cash, or worry about IOUs. Pay in seconds using BeSeated, and don’t worry about the rest.

6. Global Reach: We all love to travel, however, not all travels are as expected. No worries…as we offer our Luxuries globally. With a carefully vetted and High-Caliber Luxury Partners around the world, BeSeated provides you with everything to continue with the Elite lifestyle you are accustomed to.

7. Loyalty Program: BeSeated appreciates your Business, and that’s why, we offer your coins on many of your bookings . Earn coins when making a booking using BeSeated and exchange them in the BeSeated Rewards Shop.

BeSeated is not any ordinary platform, it’s a revolutionary platform for the Elite Social Life.

BeSeated… Your Elite Social Concierge