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5 Reasons to Consider Using BeSeated for Luxurious Experiences

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

BeSeated… Your Elite Social Concierge - connects the elite with luxury partners, from venues and yachts to private jets and bodyguards. No middlemen, no questions asked; only luxury and convenience.

BeSeated is making luxuries more accessible by providing a complete platform that socially connects elites around the world; with friends, family, and new acquaintances through its unique and accessible features that are sure to make the BeSeated experience more pleasurable.

Here are 5 reasons to use BeSeated for your luxurious experiences:

  1. Reservations & Bookings: Everything is done on the App. No more trying to find phone numbers, searching for the correct person, waiting for the opening hours to make a call, or not being recognized for the elite that you are. With BeSeated, venue managers and owners will know that you are part of the BeSeated Elite Network. You don’t need to call or wait - just make your request on BeSeated and relax.

  2. Luxury Guaranteed: Luxury is defined according to the person, and counting on online reviews may not be your best option. BeSeated evaluates and hand-selects each and every luxury partner on its platform. This is why you can be sure that any booking made using BeSeated is Luxury Guaranteed.

  3. BeSeated Appreciates Loyalty: BeSeated appreciates your business and recognizes that by offering Elites Reward Coins. The process is simple: earn coins for every booking made, which can be exchanged in the Rewards Shop for more luxurious and elite experiences.

  4. BeSeated Payments: Convenience for our elites is one of our major goals. Knowing that they come from around the world, we make payments simple and accessible in various ways and options: pay in any currency, make down payments or pay the full bill, share payment or even pay at the location. Choose whatever suits you.

  5. No Membership or Hidden Fees: BeSeated is a free to use platform and is not in the business of charging memberships or adding any hidden fees to your bill. The price quoted on the app is what you will be charged. What you see is what you get.

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BeSeated is available on Google Play for android mobile devices and on the App Store for iPhone.

BeSeated… Your Elite Social Concierge