New York is the perfect destination if you want to enjoy the finer things in life. It’s a city that offers both grand and intimate experiences; from its world-famous sites found on almost every corner, to its iconic hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, flagship retailers, and even exclusive ateliers. There’s so much to see in this city that never sleeps, you could literally spend months exploring it.


There’s really no bad time to visit New York. Whether you prefer the warm weather or you’re looking at celebrating the holidays in the city, there are tons of experiences that await no matter which time of the year you decide to go.


As New York is a top destination for the rich, there are plenty of options for luxury hotels. You've got ultra-luxe hotels like The Baccarat Hotel, and The Hoxton in Williamsburg, among many others. But you've also got luxury boutique hotels like Freehand New York and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge that offer a more cozy and personal experience.


Aside from seeing the usual tourist attractions, there’s a whole lot of things to do in every corner of New York City. From the streets surrounding its wide green parks to its towering skyscrapers, you will find different activities that will surely give you the best memories. You can visit the Central Park, Museum Mile, Brooklyn Street Art, and Midtown; and you can also watch a broadway show or catch some comedy acts.


Your visit to New York cannot be complete without shopping in the famous Upper East Side. This area is known for being a home to mansions and upscale residential buildings, and it’s also got some of the best luxury brands in the world. You can also head over to Fifth Avenue, where you can do some luxury shopping as well.


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There are different ways to get into the different neighborhoods of the city, like taking the subway or a taxi, walking, or even riding the Citi Bike. But to live life like a true elite New Yorker is to ride at the back seat of your BMW, Mercedes Benz, or Lincoln to get from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side, and all the other parts of New York.


As one of the food capitals in the world, New York has restaurants that will satisfy your every craving. You’ll find a wide range of dining venues from hole-in-the-walls, quiet date spots, fine dining, and restaurants with bars, that serve international cuisine. Some of the best restaurants include Bagatelle, Bodega Negra, Cafe Carlyle, and Catch.


There’s a reason why New York is called the city that never sleeps, and that’s because it’s filled with places that keep you up, partying until the wee hours of the morning. Make sure you don't miss out partying in 1 OAK, Marquee, Lavo, and The Jane Hotel Ballroom.


New York is the third largest wine-producing state in the United States of America. They have over 250 wineries, with over 35 varieties of grapes.