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Luxury Providers

Luxury providers will have access to the manager's features, which has been carefully designed to address the needs of managing your luxuries.

Through the app, you can reach a global network, connect with your customers, provide a holistic experience, and manage your services anytime, anywhere.


Manage your profile


Depending on your services, control the opening and closing hours, the duration of stay, or the chartering/hiring hours. You can even set your location so that it’s easier for your customers to find you. 

With BeSeated Manager, easily track and organize your services, and solve the usual problems that you encounter with your customers.

Booking management app


Managing services has never been more convenient. Through BeSeated Manager, track your income from each customer, and monitor your total income. You can also easily manage your customers’ booking requests anytime, anywhere, and offer promotions in an instant.

BeConnected with members

Communicate with your customers through an in-app messaging system. With BeSeated Manager, you can accommodate special requests for upcoming bookings, or update customers on any changes.

You can also market ongoing promotions, upcoming events, or newly-launched products. Easily inform members of your special offers.

Accept cashless

Set your refund policies, and easily give discounts to your customers. Through BeSeated Manager, you can also quickly bill customers for any extras incurred, giving everyone a seamless experience.

Make them loyal

Profile your clients and provide excellent service. Get to know your clients and provide offers or discounts individually. This creates a better relationship between you and your clients, resulting in loyalty.