What is BeSeated?

BeSeated is a complete platform offering only the best-curated luxuries to its Elites. It has unique features that can elevate the BeSeated experience and engage Elites around the world.

How does BeSeated work?

BeSeated carefully selects Luxury Service Providers around the world and partners with them to offer the finest services to our Elite Network. Choose the city of your choice and browse through the offered luxuries.

What does BeSeated offer its members?

BeSeated is a complete platform that connects the Elite with carefully selected venues and luxury providers of the highest caliber. We offer our Elite members the comfort and ease of booking the most exclusive Venues, Yachts, Jets, Bodyguards, and Drivers all around the world!

How do I book BeSeated luxuries?

To book a BeSeated Luxury, simply go to the app and select your desired luxury in the different cities available. Key in the necessary details, accept the terms, and voila! You’re finished in under 30 seconds.

Are there any requirements to book on BeSeated?

We ask users for basic information, including the full name, email address, confirmed phone number, the agreement to BeSeated’s Terms & Conditions, and payment information, before using BeSeated. Elites need to have their information completely filled out before making a reservation request. This helps make sure hosts know whom to expect and how to contact the Elite.

What is the minimum age to use BeSeated?

The minimum age is 18 years old or above.

How do I check on my booking confirmation status?

Simply click on My Requests, and from the tabs that appear on top, you can check your Pending, Confirmed, Upcoming, and History.

What does my booking status mean?

Pending - your request has been made, however, is awaiting confirmation from the Luxury Provider

Confirmed - your booking has been processed and approved

Upcoming - on this tab, you will be able to view all your future bookings, requests, and/or purchases

History - on this tab, you will be able to view all the bookings, requests, and/or purchases you have made in the past.

Can I make special arrangements or requests when booking?

Yes, you can. In the initial phase of making a booking request, you can write any notes in the given box; this may include special requests directed to the Luxury Provider.

What can I do on the social feed?

The BeSeated Social Feed allows our members to raise their Elite status. No matter where they are around the world, they can share their activities on the Social Feed and see what their friends and other Elites are up to! The Social Feed also includes newly added services. However, you can always choose to make private bookings as we take privacy seriously.

How do I manage my messages?

Messaging on BeSeated starts when an Elite makes a reservation request. All messages related to that inquiry or reservation request will appear in your inbox. To view or send a message, simply click on Messages and select the friend you would like to contact to start a new message.

What is share payment?

Sharing payments just got easier. Elites are now able to share payment with friends and pay through BeSeated in seconds!

Can I pay with any currency?

The currency you pay it is determined by your payment method and in some cases, by the county of the host. It’s not possible to manually choose what currency you’ll use to pay. When you select your city and payment method, the currency in which you’d be charged will be clearly displayed before you confirm your booking request.

What is the refund policy?

BeSeated does not charge any booking fees, therefore it does not have a refund policy.

Each Luxury Partner sets its own refund policy for their service/product.

Can I invite and join friends?

We provided our Elites with the option to either join friends or other Elites on bookings as they browse through their social feed. You can also send invitations using BeSeated on any social media platform. You can request to join anyone that has shared their booking publicly on BeSeated. These Elite feed requests need approval from the owner.

How do I add people to my booking?

Simply select your booking and under the guests' section, you can invite people to join your booking.

What are loyalty coins?

BeSeated values our Elite loyalty by rewarding them with Loyalty Coins when booking, which can be exchanged in the Rewards Shop for exclusive experiences and much more.

How do I redeem loyalty coins?

BeSeated Loyalty Coins may only be redeemed through the BeSeated platform. A recipient may only redeem the entire value of their Loyalty Coins for a Reward of equal value; no partial redemptions. Upon redemption of Loyalty Coins by a recipient, we will update your account and remaining balance, if any. Loyalty Coins may only be redeemed for BeSeated Rewards. Except to the extent required by applicable law, Loyalty Coins are not redeemable for cash. Resale or Transfer of Loyalty Coins is prohibited.

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is a trusted Elite that has the added privilege of booking on behalf of another Elite.

Where can I find BeSeated?

If you’re an Android user, you may download BeSeated from Google Play.

If you’re an iOS user, you may download BeSeated from the App Store.

Download BeSeated and indulge in the offered luxuries at ease!