BeSeated  ·  Sep 10, 2019

BeSeated Arrives to Paros with 15 Villas

A social concierge for your luxury experiences

Paros, Greece – September 2019 – BeSeated, a Social Concierge, has been providing its members with access to luxury experiences in more than 25 cities worldwide. With the recent addition of villas in their platform just last July, it is no surprise that today, BeSeated is delighted to announce that they are offering even more in Paros, one of the most stunning islands in Greece.

No more wasting time with endless searches for the best. With BeSeated, members can now easily and quickly book 15 of the best luxury villas on this island, which can accommodate 10-27 people. BeSeated has pre-selected those that provide excellent services and unique amenities such as large infinity pools, tennis courts, Wi-Fi internet, alarm systems, and much more.


This complete platform also enhances the booking experience by offering a more holistic travel experience for the members, where they can book not just one luxury, but other hand-selected venues, yachts, private jets, bodyguards, and even luxury cars with professional drivers for their travels around the world.

“BeSeated is your one-stop hub for the best luxury experiences around the world.” says Nader Soussou, Founder and CEO of BeSeated. “It’s the most convenient and efficient way to search for the best villas in Paros, or any other luxury globally, as they have already been refined by our team of experts” adds Mr. Soussou.

BeSeated was developed with the VIP lifestyle in mind, resulting to the advanced platform that it is today. Try it out and BeSeated in Paros; BeTreated to a lifestyle that you deserve: click here.

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