BeSeated  ·  Nov 5, 2019

BeSeated Arrives to the Exciting City of Lisbon

Your social concierge for luxury experiences

Lisbon, Portugal – November 2019 – BeSeated has been providing its members with access to luxury experiences in more than 25 cities around the world. With fine dining restaurants, exclusive nightclubs, lounges, and bars available, today, BeSeated is proud to announce that they have officially launched in the exciting city of Lisbon.

Forget about the traditional reservation methods. With BeSeated, members can now conveniently reserve tables in the city’s best venues. A refined list of restaurants, nightclubs, lounges, and bars is easily accessible, as well as other luxuries around the world, perfect for global trips.

Aside from bookings, BeSeated is also a social platform that connects BeSeated members to other members globally, enabling them to expand their network. It includes social features such as the ability to join bookings globally through the Social Feed; as well as Share Payment, which allows groups to easily split the bill.

“BeSeated is your go-to platform for the best luxury experiences around the world.” says Nader Soussou, Founder & CEO of BeSeated. “It’s your one-stop hub that offers the most convenient way to search for the best exclusive venues in Lisbon, or any other luxury globally. Our platform showcases a refined list of luxuries, prepared by our team of experts just for you.” adds Mr. Soussou, who started his profession in the luxury entertainment industry in Canada, back in 2002.

BeSeated was developed with the luxury lifestyle in mind, resulting to the advanced platform that it is today. It has a sophisticated system, powered by artificial intelligence, which offers a more personalized booking experience. Try it out and BeSeated in Lisbon; BeTreated to a lifestyle that you deserve: click here.

Visit our website at to know more. Download BeSeated from the App Store or Google Play, and become a member today.

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