Amsterdam is a leader of European luxury travel. It’s the third largest city in the world after London and Paris, and one of the go-to destinations of the high end crowd because of its classic central European elegance. This picturesque city is famous for its red light district; but also has a wide variety of activities to offer. It caters to travelers who want to enjoy a luxury lifestyle; it’s rich in cultural treasures, and it offers a great nightlife.


The best time to go to Amsterdam is between March to September, when the weather is perfect for tourism. During this period, you can find some of the biggest holiday celebrations, blooming flowers and vibrant greeneries, and busy canals and streets.


Amsterdam boasts a lot of luxury hotels that are rich in history, some even dating back to the 17th century. You can expect classic elegance and sleek new designs when you stay in Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam, Conservatorium, or Hotel TwentySeven.


There are endless things to do in Amsterdam, no matter which time of the year you visit. You can go cycling and discover hidden gems around the city, see windmills, the countryside and beaches, immerse yourself in the local culture at Westergas, check out the museums, majestic buildings, and castles around the city, cruise through the famous canal, visit Anne Frank’s house, and try local beer at a historic brewery.


This city is known for its premium shopping streets, 9 Straatjes, where you can find high-end fashion brands and jewelry. You can also go to PC Hooftstraat, which is home to world-famous luxury brands.


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There are various modes of transportation in Amsterdam. You can get around the city using trams, metros, buses, trains, hiring bicycles, or even riding ferries.


The food scene in Amsterdam is rapidly growing; Top chefs are now known for their new style of Dutch cooking, which include updating the classics and creating mouthwatering fusions. While you’re in Amsterdam, make sure you don’t miss trying the food in La Rive, Spectrum, Bougainville, and Taiko Bar.


Amsterdam’s streets tend to be quiet during the early hours of the evening. But at night, you’ll get a different experience with its electric nightlife atmosphere. This city has an exquisite reputation of partying, and it’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss. Make sure you check out AIR Amsterdam, Club Up, Escape, and WesterUnie.


You can find 55 theaters and concert halls in Amsterdam. There are normally 16,000 plays and concerts that happen every year.