Amman is the best place to be if you want an introduction to the Middle Eastern region. It’s a city that values Arabic traditions but openly welcomes Western commercialism. It provides many modern luxuries, while retaining its unique culture; and it's a city that's filled with vibrant streets, bursting with hip crowds and luxurious hilltop hotels, but also has numerous well-preserved ancient settings for both cultural and international performances.


The best time to go to Amman is between March to May, when the temperatures are cooler. During this period, you’ll get to enjoy a pleasant weather visiting tourist attractions found in the desert and the green valleys.


The fusion between modernity and antiquity is very much visible in Amman. And this transcends to the way luxury hotels are designed, just like the Le Royal Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, and Rotana Hotel.


Whether you’re into arts, history, or food, Amman has got a lot of things to offer. You can explore a wide range of cafes, from fancy to artsy, in the different hills of the city. You can also wander through the streets of Downtown, and find yourself in an area filled with gold. Or if you’re an art and history lover, you can visit the Amman Citadel, Roman Amphitheatre, or find yourself in museums and galleries around the city that exhibit contemporary Middle Eastern art.


Amman can be a shopper’s paradise as it offers goods ranging from international designer clothes to hand made, locally produced items. Head over to Taj Mall and Abdali Mall for some luxury shopping.


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The usual modes of transportation in Amman are taxis and buses. Car rentals are also a popular mode of transportation, but to have a seamless and a hassle-free trip, renting a chauffeur-driven luxury car is the way to go.


From local delicacies to international fusions, there’s a lot you can experience from the dining scene of Amman. Some of the best restaurants in the city include La Capitale, Fakhreldin Restaurant, Levant, and Kan Zaman.


Thanks to the influence of globalization, there are now several distinct venues where you can experience the lively nightlife that Amman has to offer. From international bands to trendy DJs, make sure you don’t miss out partying in District, UVA, The Living Room, and Ghoroub.


In July 28, 2012, Amman hosted a Guinness World Record at the Landmark hotel when 10 chefs prepared the largest falafel in the world. It measured 51.2 inches in diameter, and weighed 74.75 kilograms.